Agile Methodology Training

The term agile has been out in the marketplace for several years. Many organisations use (or claim to use) Agile and related methodologies on a daily basis. But what does Agile really mean to organisations, what is Agile Training and how you can find the Agile Methodology Training that is right for you.

In this article we answer these questions about Agile and Agile Training.

Both our Agile Fundamentals and Agile Project Management training courses are accredited by PMI and ICAgile.

What is Agile?

Agile is a way of thinking about software development, and to a greater extent, solving problems, welcoming change and delivering value. The Twelve Principles of Agile Methodology are the guiding principles for the Agile Movement. When combined the Agile Principles describe a culture in which change is welcome, and the customer is the focus of the work. The Agile Principles also demonstrate the movement’s intent, which is to bring development into alignment with business needs.

What is Agile Training?

Agile Training is the best way to understand the basic concepts of Agile. With Agile Methodology Training you will receive a solid introduction to the Agile way of thinking, and doing. 

What are the benefits of Agile Training?

The Agile Training course, offered by EA Learning (in partnership with SoftEd), Agile Fundamentals delves into the specific practices used in Agile projects, explains the theory and concepts behind the Agile approach, and prepares you to work confidently and effectively in an Agile environment. With our Agile Methodology Training you will also learn about the structure for defining value to ensure your project delivers the right product at the right time for the right customer.

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