Agile Project Management Tools

Agile project management should be focused on continual improvement, team input and the delivery of essential quality products. With agile project management tools (such as scrum, kanban, and lean), this allows organisations, teams and individuals to stick to the Agile Manifesto and the 12 Agile principles.


Classroom based Agile Training Course with business professionals

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Through EA Learning, you can undertake an Agile Business Analyst course that will improve your knowledge of agile business practises and advance your future prospects within an organisation. The course aims to allow you to apply agile tools, techniques and the required mindset needed to effectively manage upcoming projects. 

For those who are new to the agile process, this Agile Fundamentals course is the perfect way to learn about agile project management tools and understanding how the tools can positively affect an organisation to adapt to their respective market.


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Originally written for software development, Agile project management tools are currently being used worldwide in both IT and business projects.

Similar to other training courses at EA Learning, you will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the course. Our Agile courses are globally renowned and highly sought after; so get in touch with us today to enrol and start learning more about agile tools. 


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