Agile Training in Sydney

To obtain an Agile certification in Sydney, you will will need to undertake Agile project management training. 

EA Learning was first established in 2009 and offer industry-leading training & certifications. Over the years we have expanded from being the learning division of Enterprise Architects to providing various courses (including Agile training in Sydney) including in Business Architecture, Operating Model Design and Design Thinking.


Agile Training Course in a Classroom of Business Professionals

Types of Agile Training Certifications

To obtain an Agile certification in Sydney with EA Learning, the individual must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the skills, techniques and mindset used in various scenarios.
Agile project management training in Sydney is a course that is recognised worldwide and allows students to have a better grasp in knowing how to use Agile management tools and techniques in the future.

Agile fundamentals training is a course that is designed for students to learn the processes and methodologies that allow an organisation to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes.


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Depending on the industry you are in, Agile training could boost your career and your role in your current organisation. 

Our highly qualified and experienced instructors will be leading the course for Agile training in Sydney which will run over 2 days (Agile Project Management) or 3 days (Agile Fundamentals); depending on your preference. 

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