Benefits of Agile Project Management

There are numerous benefits of agile project management, including happier staff and better customer outcomes. At EA Learning, we believe that people with experience are the best people to teach, and so our courses in agile methodology are led by people with real-world experience.

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What are the Benefits of Agile Project Management?

Agile methodology is a highly creative and flexible approach to business, with roots in software development, but the advantages of agile project management methodology is finding applications in all areas of business and even creative fields.

Like all business tools, there are agile project management advantages and disadvantages. Some staff – such as those with highly perfectionistic personalities, or those who love routine – may find elements like rapid prototyping or continuous improvement challenging. For this reason, change management is an important part of an agile approach.


Learn More About Agile Principles

In our agile courses, you’ll learn about agile principles including:

Our courses in agile methodology are Agile foundation & practitioner and Agile Talent Workshop.


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