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It’s important to know your legal obligations and comply with them – this is business 101. One such important obligation came into effect in May 2018, when the GDPR arrived. This article will explain what does the GDPR mean, and how your company can ensure compliance. First, let’s have a look at the regulations:


What Does the GDPR Mean for Individuals?

We’ve all experienced our online data going astray – maybe receiving emails from companies we have no memory of interacting with or suddenly receiving push notifications from a website we visited once. Or perhaps your experience has been more malicious – credit card details leaked, or your contact details made available to places you didn’t grant permission to. 

For individuals, the GDPR means transparency and control. 

The GDPR – the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ – is the guidelines implemented in early 2018 in the EU, which has seven data protection principles: 


What Does the GDPR Mean for Companies?

The GDPR means that companies must be upfront and transparent about what data they’re collecting on individuals, how it’s being used, and who will have access to it. The data must only be used for the purposed for which it’s granted, and only necessary data should be collected. All data must be kept secure, with the individual’s rights the number one priority.

While these are EU laws, they apply to any digital movement through the EU – meaning they can have effects on your business in Australia.


Time to Upskill?

One way to ensure you comply with the GDPR is to ensure you understand its principles and can apply them within your business.

At EA Learning, we offer two eLearning courses to get you on track with GDPR. These are:

If you’re unsure which course is the best fit for you, we’re happy to discuss your specific needs and existing experience – just make an online enquiry or call your nearest office.


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