Increase revenue by helping your clients succeed in their Business Transformation

EA Learning provides training solutions that increase an organisation’s ability to deliver outcomes. We have a range of Business Architecture, Business Transformation and IT Architecture courses that can be delivered as an in-house service, either as a standalone training course or as a wider learning pathway.

This season, take the opportunity to upskill your workforce with the skills, knowledge and tools to build their capability to drive Business Transformation for you and your clients. 

Find out how we can help you increase revenue through successful Business Transformation.

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Corporate Training Solutions Available:

Applied Business Architecture:
















Operating Model Design:















Enterprise Architecture:















Design Thinking in Business: 















Agile Fundamentals:


Agile Project Management: 


Enquire to find out how we can help drive Business Transformation.


Why leading organisations choose to partner with EA Learning


Trusted Partner

Our training is trusted by leading organisations around the world, a small collection of these are listed below;








And here is a small collection of what they have to say about the corporate solutions provided;

“After attending this course our team will be able to apply a greater focus on business value and ensure that projects are aligned with the orgnaisational strategy and mission.”  

“This course provided us with a valuable set of tools that can provide a structure and framework for delivering the message that will allow the business to make decisions.”  

“We have a better understanding of how to relate our architecture to the customers needs and business motivation, thereby making our content more relevant to them.”  

Enquire to find out how we can help drive Business Transformation.