Ceri Williams

Career Summary

With over thirty years in the Architecture and Technology industry, Ceri’s journey started in the early 1980’s with a Computer Science degree leading to roles in delivery of machine-centric complex distributed industrial control systems. He adapted the disciplines learned on these systems and applied them to human-centric systems in the 1990’s, moving in to long-range strategic planning and consulting in the 2000s. He has practiced systematic Enterprise Architecture over the last fifteen years and integrated it with the worlds of organisational development, systems thinking and soft-systems methodology. Working 50/50 in commercial and private sectors, Ceri’s experience spans all major vertical industries, both as a consultant practitioner and supporting clients to build their capability. He focuses on the relationship between business and technology architecture and the challenges of coherent and resilient long range planning in volatile and uncertain business environments.

Training Credentials

Ceri regularly organises and facilitates organisational development workshops at a variety of scales, from emergent EA teams to whole organisation future search. As an experienced mentor and trained coach, Ceri supports clients to recognise and build on their own resources. He has written many white papers on Enterprise Architecture, most recently to introduce Enterprise Architects to Soft-Systems Methodology.

What Ceri’s attendees say

“Quality of instruction was very good. The instructor has great market experience to share, disciplined to not let discussions drag on, very valuable.” Applied Business Architecture Attendee

“Nice blend of content and practical work. Ceri did a very good job in linking important elements of business architecture and how to package it up for the relevant stakeholders.” Applied Business Architecture Attendee

Training Philosophy

Ceri’s style is both expert and facilitative. He believes that every individual needs to be their own methodologist and skilled in identifying, adapting and integrating methods and approaches to problem solving. Making this real in training environments requires a small but significant amount of expert knowledge to ensure the methods come to life and become memorable. 

Ceri’s most recent white papers on the subjects of Soft-systems Methodology and adaptation of the Systems-thinking ideas of Sir Geoffrey Vickers (The Art of Judgment, Human Systems Are Different) can be found at: http://www.orbussoftware.com/resources/authors/ceri-williams/