David O’Hara

Career Summary

David is a versatile and accomplished Enterprise Business Architect, focused on aligning Business and IT around common goals. As a leading and innovative practitioner in Capability-based Planning, David has helped many clients across a wide range of industries. He specialises in aiding his clients to build and enhance their Enterprise Architecture competency, shape their long term business capability requirements, ensure that their investments in IT directly underpin their business strategy and to define, implement and govern capability-driven architecture roadmaps.
David has spoken at a number of events in recent years on the practical application of business architecture and how organisations can effectively adopt this discipline to drive tangible business value.

Training Credentials

David has trained in multiple disciplines, both internally and externally, however his real passion is in imparting Business Architecture knowledge and best-practice in the classroom.

Training Philosophy

I believe that learning is a two-way process: the more I deliver training, the more I learn from the insights and experiences of the course delegates, and the more I grow as both a practitioner and a trainer.

We are constantly learning but for a ‘formal’ learning experience to be meaningful it must first and foremost be engaging and relevant for all concerned. Therefore, relating our learning activity to the real world is essential. Course delegates have a right to expect something credible and authentic and for that reason, I won’t attempt to train people in an area where I haven’t achieved some level of mastery.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the learning experience should be an enjoyable one. If we approach any learning experience with an open mind then not only can we grow, but we can have some fun along the way!