Ged Roberts

Career Summary

Ged started his career as an Engineer Officer in the British Merchant Navy. After qualifying, he spent several years sailing deep sea on a variety of merchant vessels before returning to shore and retraining as a Naval Architect. Ged worked with Lloyd’s Register of Shipping before moving into IT in the mid 1990’s. He moved rapidly through the ranks from developer to architect and then to running consulting and technology businesses. He now educates, coaches and consults across a wide variety of business areas.

Ged is an experienced Business and Technology Executive, Strategist, Architect and Leader with an extensive background in Consulting, Corporate and Start-Up businesses. Ged’s recent work has been with large-scale consulting teams delivering strategy, architecture, cloud and project engagements. Prior to this Ged was a Director with a consulting start-up. His other recent roles have included a GM position with an ANZ-wide IBM business partner, a Head of Technology role and a Practice Manager posting with a Systems Integration firm.
Before relocating to Australia in 2007, Ged was Vice President and headed up Product and Placement Architecture in Europe for a global insurance broking firm. He has broad experience across management, architecture, technology, stakeholder engagement as well as marketing, sales, start-ups, capability and delivery management.

Training Credentials

Ged is an engineer by background and has worked in Engineering, Technology and Business for over 30 years. He is a Chartered Engineer and has an MSc in Computer Science and spends much of his time consulting, educating and instructing across a wide range of disciplines.


What Geds attendees say

“The instructor was able to bring a wealth of his own knowledge/experience to the course material and was flexible /receptive to ideas from the class.  The team/class activities were  practical and reinforced the material.”  Solution Designer

“Ged is a very experienced instructor and I think there was a really good mix between theory and group exercises. Thanks to Ged and team - great course!” Solution Architect

“Ged was very knowledgeable in the field and areas outside of Business Architecture which allowed for him to explain insights and connections back to Business Architecture.”   Business Analyst

“I found the course extremely interesting and Ged was highly engaging. It made me want to go back to uni and do commerce all over again.” Business Analysis - Enterprise Architecture

Training Philosophy

Ged believes that learning is best passed on through a collaborative and supportive style of learning. Ged’s view is that all of us know more than we think and that his role is to bring this knowledge to the surface. He brings his experience from the past 30 years to bear in helping his course attendees to achieve their learning objectives.