Jim Francis

Career Summary

Jim has spent a lifetime devoted to innovation and business development, exploiting technology to deliver better customer satisfaction. In fields including process engineering, IT design, delivery, and methodology, management, organisational change and business strategy, he has had roles from practitioner to manager, consultant to senior executive and has always been passionate about maximising the ability of the organisation to learn and mature. Jim became a systems consultant after starting as an industrial engineer. 
His significant roles include:

  • CIO of a large manufacturer, responsible for the Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) transformation. 
  • IT strategist for an Australia-wide timber conversion and production conglomerate
  • Programme Manager,  Architect, Lead Business Strategy Consultant (Telstra contracts) 
  • CIO and director of a nascent global web-enabled retail franchise (DX Ltd)

Training Credentials

Jim trained in electrical engineering and extended into industrial engineering and computer science. His career was supported with industry courses in specialist IT disciplines, communication, sales, facilitation and conflict resolution. Jim has over 7 years classroom experience in training professionals on  TOGAF 9.1. Jim has recently completed the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2 training requirements and is certified by The Open Group to train the latest version of TOGAF. 


What Jim's attendees say 

“​The best classroom learning experience I ever had with an amazing instructor and team with a wealth of enormous field experience.”​ Senior Consultant, TOGAF Attendee

“A very comprehensive syllabus and James' depth of knowledge makes it so much more relevant and valuable.” Principle Consultant, TOGAF Attendee

“Jim - you made it all easy and interesting. I will remember Jim always. Thank you.” Business Analyst, TOGAF Attendee

“This course gave me more than what I expected. Jim experience makes this learning experience exceptionally well. His experience sharing & applying to TOGAF learning is invaluable.” Pre-Sales Engineer, TOGAF Attendee

“Absolutely exceptional instructor who brings a wealth of practical wisdom and insight to the course.”  Business Architect, Applied Business Architecture Attendee

“Jim Francis was an excellent facilitator and made the content practical & enjoyable. True credit to his abilities." Program Manager, Applied Business Architecture Attendee

“Jim was able to draw on a deep and broad background of experience. Very knowledgeable on many area." Domain Architect, Applied Business Architecture Attendee

Training Philosophy

Excellence of the trainee’s learning experience is the key criterion. Rigorous engagement with the knowledge is the method.  Participation is the key to a successful and memorable outcome. The reward for a trainee is not just a ticket for certification but the confidence and enthusiasm to get their hands on the levers of change and the inspiration to use them effectively.