Nigel Schmalkuche

Career Summary

Nigel is a business and ICT professional with 25 years’ experience across government and private organisations in the fields of housing and public works, emergency services, elections, health, mining, water, local government, pharmacy, police and financial institutions. Nigel is a TOGAF 9.2 Practitioner with 15 years’ experience in implementing enterprise architecture as director and manager, lead architect and more recently as a strategic enterprise architecture consultant.

Training Credentials

Nigel holds a Masters Degree in ICT as well as Bachelor of Business, Marketing and Human Resource Management. Nigel has certifications across enterprise architecture, cloud computing and is certifed in TOGAF 9.  Nigel is qualified in Training and Assessment he has trained and mentored many architects to become proficient in TOGAF and the tailoring to individual organisational requirements.

Training Philosophy

Nigel is focused on achieving the outcomes of the participants of the course and providing practical examples where required to facilitate understanding.