Peter Lam

Career Summary

Peter is one of the leading Enterprise Agile Coaches in Australia – with a track record of coaching, leading and advising some of the largest corporate and government departments in Australia.  Whilst his early work involved doing iterative projects on Lotus Notes Domino databases; over the last few years, he has been leading the agile transition for multiple programs, each with 1000+  people.  Peter works with directors / CXOs through to developers where he works with individuals and teams to adapt their behaviors, thinking and actions to align to better ways of building teams and delivery outcomes. 


Peter has worked across: Telecommunications; Financial Services; Government Departments; Asset Intensive industries (like Utilities, Infrastructure Providers); and Professional Services

Training Credentials

Peter was lucky enough to be beta reader for Jason Little’s ‘Lean Change Management’ and was the first to teach the agile lean change masterclass globally in 2014.  He has worked with Jason for the newest version of this course and is one of first certified instructors globally of the new Lean Change Course which is now aligned to IC Agile’s ‘Coaching Agile Transitions.  This certification focuses on the field of Enterprise Coaching for Agility, explores the core elements of an agile transformation, and links the core enterprise coaching competencies in a way that empowers coaches to act as agents of change in organizations.

When he is teaching this course, he is known to teach agile leadership; Scrum; and Product Owner courses for enterprise clients.

Training Philosophy

Peter believes in connecting the theory to the action; action to outcome.  All brought to life with his examples from using these techniques with clients. 

Peter is a strong believer in lived experience combined with understanding the ‘why’ makes for the best practitioners