Jon McLeod

Career Summary

Jon has had a 30 year career, starting in application development, moving to project solution architecture, project management, and finally, enterprise architecture. His area of specialist expertise is architecture knowledge management. This includes architecture repository management, architecture modelling, and the development -- with stakeholders -- of coherent data that describes architecture assets. This architecture data supports business analytics for the enterprise portfolio of architecture assets. It is also used to publish a range of architecture communication assets - often taking the form of summary analytical diagrams - that address the decision-making information needs of business and technology leaders. His area of personal interest and expertise is what he calls "enterprise architecture knowledge management".

Training Credentials

Jon is TOGAF®9.2 (Level 1 & 2) certified and is a TOGAF®9.2 (Level 1 & 2) certified presenter. In addition to TOGAF®, Jon is also a presenter for Applied Business Architecture courses.

Training Philosophy

Jon's training philosophy is based on the principle that acquiring new knowledge is inevitably disruptive. Cognitive dissonance is normal for students learning new ideas. Students have to re-assess what they think they know, and integrate new knowledge with existing knowledge. By the end of training, Jon likes to see students excited by what they want to do with their new understanding when they go back to work.