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Recommended 9 April 2017

The Design of Everyday Things 2nd Edition

by Don Norman

Classic design thinking (if not the grandfather of the UX movement) giving a 101 introduction into the psychology behind design. Be careful if you read this - you won't look at doors the same way ever again - my partner rues the day I found this book!

Alan Simmonds

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The Design of Everyday Things 2nd Edition

By Don Norman

Alan Simmonds

Classic design thinking (if not the grandfather of the UX movement) giving a 101 introduction into the psychology behind design. Be careful if you read this - you won't look at doors the same way ever again - my partner rues the day I found this book!

Data to Insight

By Nigel Schmalkuche

Christine Stephenson

Data is changing the way we do business and live in our daily lives. Artificial Intelligence is replacing jobs and creating new ones at an increasing rate. Understanding what big data is and how it can be used to predict what will happen in the future is a vital skill applicable to anyone who works in IT or business that wants to be able to capitalise on the knowledge required to prosper in the future.

The Strategy Journey

By Julie Choo

EA Learning

Transform your business with agility, accountability and action. In the book, author Julie Choo (author of our Applied Operating Model Design) will introduce her framework for mastering the 5 stages of any business’s strategy journey.

Great Strategy, but is your Operating Model up to the task

By Marcia Blenko Overview: A look at so

Galen White

Another article that looks into how businesses are investing in Operating Model design to facilitate better execution on strategy. They discuss how organisations are tackling the void that often occurs between a defined strategy and executing on that strategy. They look at some of the key success factors that will define whether your Operating Model initiatives are successful or not.

Winning Operating Models that convert Strategy to Results

By Marcia Blenko Overview: A look at so

Pieter Steyn

Examples of organisations who have taken the decision to redesign their operating model to adapt to new or impending business challenges. The article focuses on how robust operating model design can ensure success when trying to turn strategy into results.

The next-generation Operation Model for the Digital World

By Albert Bollard, Elixabete Larrea, Alex Singla and Rohit Sood

Craig Martin

Companies need to increase revenues, lower costs, and delight customers. Doing that requires reinventing the operating model. A look into how businesses can do this successfully in the digital world by aligning transformation initiatives to work in tandem, rather than siloes and by aligning your capabilities to customer journeys.

Are we there yet?

By Sam Bucolo

Jim Francis

Overview: Great insights and cases studies about leading by design and transforming the business mindset from products & services to customer centred innovation driven organisations.

Strategyzer - Business Model Generation

By Alex Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur

Rajiv Dhir

Need I say more the Business Model Canvas and embedded Value Proposition Canvas are mandatory for anyone who wants to play in customer-based business architecture. I'm part way through Design A Better Business (Patrick van der Piji) which I feel will be a compatriot of the Strategyzer books as it is a collection of Tools and Skills covering Strategy and Innovation

The Phoenix Project

By Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford

Donna Smith

A business novel that explains DevOps (uses the formula that I think Eliyahu Goldratt started with The Goal, It's Not Luck etc. - also in my all-time top 10 Business Books). As a novel it is an easy read but still manages to bring out the key points on DevOps. Have also just finished the business novel The Rollout Alex Yakyama that does the same for SAFe.

Service Design: From Insight to Implementation

By Andy Poliane, Lavrans Løvlie, Ben Reason

Pieter Steyn

Overview: just read this over Christmas holidays - I found it excellent in describing what services are (e.g. Authors say there are really only 3 types "Care", "Access" and "Response"). Also takes you through the whole implementation journey giving recommendations on what activities to carry out and when.

Agile IT Organization Design

By Sriram Narayan

David O’Hara

Very enjoyable read which is ideal for people just embarking on the agile journey - i.e. How to go from a pilot project to the whole organisation (think Bi-modal). Very well written with each chapter ending with a recommended action list.

Lean Enterprise

By Jez Humble

Glen Willis

Covers off the difference between the Exploration and Exploitation stages of product life cycles and how an organisation needs to structure itself to enable Innovation. As I understand it, this book takes most of the concepts from Eric Ries’ “Lean Startup” and reframes them for established organisations.

IT Savvy

By Peter Weill

Donna Smith

Classic top down approach to IT Strategy and the supporting Enterprise IT Architecture - a few great 2x2 models and other frameworks in "CIO level speak".

User Story Mapping

By Jeff Patton

Ged Roberts

Helped me run up the agile storyboarding approach to software product development.


By Nir Eyal

Glen Willis

Great read on how tapping into underlying habits is what makes a product or service successful or a failure.

Don't make me think 2nd edition

By Steve Krug

Alan Simmonds

For anyone interested in a whistle stop tour of the reasoning behind web design - easy read full of great examples.

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