What our attendees say

TOGAF Training Course Attendees

“​​Attending the course is a faster and more effective mechanism to absorb the material than self study alone. Worthwhile to attend to hear real-world scenarios.”​​ Senior IT Business Analysis

“​​The instructor knew not only the material, but also the audience. He was able to tailor it for the people in the room and allowed for some discussion between participants.”​​  IT Architect

“​​Great course, really informative, able to put all of the TOGAF processes into perspective. The instructor added allot of real world knowledge from his own experiences.”​​ Consultant - Cloud Solutions​

“​​This was an excellent course with continuous 'real world' application of the framework.   The facilitator was excellent at assisting us in applying \ tailoring TOGAF to our individual organisations.”​​ Senior Business Consultant

“​​In-depth and very nicely presented artefacts. There can be no better way to learn Enterprise Architecture than learning it from EA Learning.”​​ Solutions Designer

“​​Fantastic experience from beginning to end.  The instructor’s knowledge and anecdotes helped take the course to another level.  Oh, and the videos really helped to break up the modules!!”​​ Senior Solutions Architect

“​​The instructor has got lots of industrial experience that makes the course a brilliant one.”​​ Architect

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Applied Business Architecture Course Attendees

“​This course will tell you what you need to be able to do to be a Business Architect. It will give you the tools to be able to do the job and teach you how to apply them using practical examples.”​ Business Architect

“​This was an excellent course that I would recommend to everyone on my Team.  I learned how to use capability-based planning to support strategic objectives, build a motivation model, create a transition plan to stage strategic execution, and present a findings to leadership.”​ Program Analyst 

“​This course was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The instructor was very experienced and I think there was a really good mix between theory and group exercises. I really liked the business model canvas, the business motivation model and the anchor model - I will definitely use these in my organisation. I think the case study and small groups work very well and I really enjoyed working with my group.    Thanks to EA Learning - great course!”​ Solution Architect

“​I really enjoyed it and could immediately see where I could apply it. I loved the interactive nature of the course and the fact that we discussed the "what" each exercise presented and determined how it applied to bringing transformational change to an organization.”​ Director of Enterprise Architect 

“​The tools & skills acquired in this course enables information to be organised and overlaid in unique way to gain insights on strategic directions, project and resource investment and opportunities yet to be leverage.”​ Architect

“​The instructor was able to bring a wealth of his own knowledge/experience to the course material and was flexible /receptive to ideas from the class.  The team/class activities were  practical and reinforced the material.”​ Solution Designer

“​​​Very well structured content, enjoyable, relevant and a great deal of value which can be taken back to the office. The content provided by EA Learning is very useful as reference for future work.  The instructure was very knowledgeable in the field and areas outside of Business Architecture which allowed for him to explain insights and connections back to Business Architecture.”​​  Solution Architect

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Applied Operating Model Design Course Attendees

“​Excellent class that went above my expectation. Whilst it reads as an ICT course it is required for all senior management. The outcomes for my organization for this is that I now have the opportunity to know how to develop a key operating model in my organization.”​ Manager Digital and Business Intelligence 

“​Great course, great for my career! Very well worth doing!”​ Enterprise Business Architect

“​Excellent detailed content – the lecturer / author was brilliant. I now have the ability to execute and develop methodologies and engage clients to drive better business.”​ Advisory Solutions Executive - Consulting 

“​Experiential learning about the dynamics of running an organisation with well structured material. Will apply the skills learned in my organisation to shift a major change management.”​ Annonomys 

“​For those who have completed the Applied Business Architecture course, the Applied Operating Model Design course allows the ability to drive design into operational delivery to ensure the strategic designs can glow and create the success you envisioned. I would highly recommend this course.”​ Capability & Operations Manager 

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