COBIT® 5 Foundation eLearning

This course is based on the COBIT® 5 Foundation Exam syllabus with a focus on learning and retaining information. COBIT® 5 terms are explained in detail and are supported with examples.

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Not Available
Study Method
Online; 15 Hours of Ciurse materials, 6 months access to the eLearning platform

Course Details

The business orientation of COBIT®  consists of linking business and IT goals while also providing the metrics and maturity models required to measure their achievement. It also identifies the associated responsibilities of business and IT process owners.

COBIT®  aims "to research, develop, publish and promote an authoritative, up-to-date, international set of generally accepted information technology control objectives for day-to-day use by business managers, IT professionals and assurance professionals".

This course is ideal for individuals or teams who wish to develop an understanding of COBIT®  5 and achieve a recognized qualification that will demonstrate their ability to apply COBIT®  5 in practice.

The course is ideal for individuals or teams who wish to:

  • Demonstrate their understanding of COBIT®  5

  • Achieve a recognized qualification that demonstrates their ability to apply COBIT 5® 

  • Become a certified COBIT®  professional

  • Join the elite group of qualified COBIT 5®  professionals worldwide

Exams / Assessments

Upon completion of the COBIT Foundation eLearning course, you will have learned everything you need to know in order to prepare, sit, and pass the COBIT®  Foundation Level exam.

Remote Proctor Now are the authorized providers of exams for COBIT®  5. Vistit our page on Remote Proctor Now for more information.

What you need to know about the exam:

  • This is a multiple choice exam consisting of 50 questions

  • There is a time limit of 40 minutes to complete the exam

  • The exam is closed book - you cannot make use of any resources or materials during the exam

  • To pass the exam you must score at least 25/50 (50%)

When you have completed the COBIT®  Foundation eLearning course, you should be ready to start preparing for the Foundation Level exam. This exam is available to take online, via a web-based examination system provided by APMG.

You can take the exam online (virtually) using a service called Remote Proctor Now.

When you feel ready to sit the exam, just email us or give us a call. Your free exam voucher will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue and must be claimed within 6 months of you first accessing the course.