Private In-House Classes For Your Organisation

With team training, we can help increase productivity, drive results and implement change.

In-House Classes

Maximise the impact of your training investment by hosting a private class. Empower your employees with the latest industry knowledge, tools, and techniques to enhance their skills and boost productivity. With a dedicated instructor, your team can gain in-depth knowledge in a focused, collaborative environment.

At EA Learning our mission is to provide industry leading training and certifications to Business & IT Architects and Transformation professionals. By holding a private class for your organisation, you can empower your team with impactful training that drives business results and achieves meaningful, sustainable growth, while supporting them in their career development and effectiveness in their roles. Choose private training for a highly effective, personalised learning experience.

Why hold a private class with EA Learning?

Unique & Individual Approach

At EA Learning we are committed to providing professional business training solutions to meet the desired outcomes of our clients. We understand that each organisation has unique challenges and requirements. We spend time working closely with our clients to identify their needs, design an effective learning pathway and ensure the learning experiences we provide meet their goals and objectives.

Pre- and Post-class consultation

Before each private class, our EA Learning client executive and learning facilitator consults with your representatives to learn about your specific challenges and needs. These discussions will enable us to provide training specifically relevant to your organisation. After the class is completed, a post class meeting will take place with our client executive and your representatives to debrief and provide feedback and insights.

Your choice of delivery mode

We can adapt to your circumstances and needs by offering classes delivered: face to face in your classroom or in one provided by ourselves; virtually over the internet; or as a hybrid.

Instructors around the world:

As EA Learning, instructors are based around the world, we can offer classes to suit your organisations time zone requirements. This includes class start, finish and break times that will work best for your team, whilst aligning with the format of the course.


On request, EA Learning can provide contextualised training classes which are configured to provide additional context, supplement or replace our practical exercises with topical scenarios, example problems and solutions relevant to your organisation. If required, we can engage instructional design experts when needed to translate your goals and objectives into a course or learning programme that meets your requirements. Typically, this will involve an upfront consultation exercise.

Learning Pathways

For organisations looking to establish a structured professional development program for team members with varied skill sets, we have a range of courses that can be delivered as standalone private training classes, as part of a wider series of training events or a combination of Instructor-led training and self-paced eLearning courses. We can collaborate with you to tailor a customised learning pathway that aligns with your unique needs and objectives. Together, we can work to ensure your team has the right training and professional development to enable them to be effective in their roles and help maximise the value they are able to bring to your organisation. We can also offer corporate bundle discounts.

Courses available in-house

What are some additional benefits of holding a private class?

Bringing your team together virtually

Choosing to have a private class delivered in virtual-classroom mode further enhances our opportunity to bring together teams that are spread over large distances and/or separated by circumstance.

Enhancing collaboration and team capabilities:

A private class brings your team together in a collegiate, collaborative yet structured space, enhancing mutual understanding and raising your team to a common knowledge and skills baseline. It has the additional benefit of creating highly effective cross-functional teams. By collaborating, using co-sensing skills and learning together, they bond as a team. Further, the motivational aspects of learning as a team and the shared purpose of making an impact, drives remarkable results.

Consistency and continuity:

Private classes held in series enhance adoption of consistent methods and language across teams and whole organisations giving greater continuity across projects. We often train many professionals from individual organisations over several courses, sometimes periodically over time. As our instructors get to know your organisation and its challenges, they can offer increasingly relevant and valuable insights and guidance.

Keep Up with Industry Changes and Understand the Latest Developments

Industries are constantly changing and so it is important for your organisation to develop to avoid being left behind. Regular training needs to take place to ensure that your staff are using all the latest technology, tools and techniques comfortably and to their full potential.

Coaching and Mentoring

Transform your business with our coaching and mentoring sessions with EA Learning’s expert practitioners.
Putting class learnings into practice can be challenging. Our presenters are highly experienced practitioners, as well as learning facilitators, and can provide valuable guidance and support to your team, enhanced by the contextual knowledge gathered and assessed during private classes. Upon request, Coaching and Mentoring time blocks of between one and one hundred hours can be secured with one of our practitioners to assist you with a wide range of challenges you may be experiencing. With personalized attention and a collaborative approach, our coaching and mentoring solutions can unlock your team’s full potential and drive your business forward.

Our Customers

Our training is trusted by leading organisations around the world. Some recent feedback received from private class attendees includes: