Craig Martin

Career Summary

With a career spanning over 20 years, Craig has held executive positions in the communications, technology, media, entertainment and government sectors and has operated as an enterprise architect and chief consulting architect in local and international markets.

Craig has been a strong advocate of finding differentiation in business through identifying new mixes of business capabilities in an organisation. He believes in today’s competitive landscape, those companies that do not mix and optimise how they assemble their capabilities will struggle in future markets. He also believes that business decision making outside the context of drivers such as the economic lifecycle, is flawed decision making.

In recent years, Craig has focused his efforts on how Design Thinking can integrate with Architecture and Planning disciplines to bring human-centred solutions to complex business problems. Craig continues to act as a key industry thought leader for strategy, architecture and design.

Training Credentials

Training credentials: Craig has a strong history in strategy and architecture consulting as well as strategic and business planning. These skills, along with the deep skill in the architecture space have allowed him to develop new thinking and solutions to deliver to the market.

Training Philosophy

Architecture, frameworks, methods and techniques are all tools in the toolbox that the modern architect needs to have at his or her disposal. What makes a good architect is knowing which tools to use for different scenarios. This means learning and understanding the best techniques to diagnose the problem space and then correctly mixing those tools to achieve the required business outcomes. This requires a strong understanding of big picture connectedness and seeing how it all fits together. The ability to understand these tools and how to link them together from shareholder value right down to technical implementations is one of the reasons that make our courses in architecture and design successful in the industry.