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Rob Mayo

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Rob is a specialist in design thinking-oriented customer service development, service operations and customer communication. He has over twenty years experience in both the Public and Private Sectors, with fourteen years at senior management level. Rob has worked with major product and service providers in Asia-Pacific, including DHL, IKEA, Apple, Sony, VW Group, DDB, Tokyo Metro and Japan Railways Group. Rob is an inclusive, responsive and inspirational person skilled at translating (in both digital and in physical forms) design thinking methods and practises, into new contexts for the improvement of service delivery and customer experience.

When not at work, Rob is a musician (drummer / percussionist) and composer. Over the years, Rob has worked with a number of well-known professional musicians in the Asia-Pacific region. Other long-time interests are passenger and freight transport systems, art and design, gardening and visiting historic sites.

Inclusivity, holistic problem-solving, two-way dialogue-based engagement, focus on building confidence in the ability to ‘create’.