Coaching and Mentoring

To get the most out of Learning the training participant’s new level of skills, knowledge, and attitude must be able to be transferred to the work practice. There are many factors impacting the success of this transference to the workplace including the individual's level of self-awareness, self-confidence, and motivation.

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In order to assist with the transference of learning, EA Learning can assist by providing a combination of Coaching and Mentoring Services.

Service Details:

EA Learning Coaching - is where our practitioner/facilitator supports the growth and professional learning and outcome focus of an individual and or team. EA Learning uses the OSKAR Coaching Model which includes:

  • Outcome - help coachee establish outcome[s] and objectives.
  • Scaling - utilise a scale to establish and quantify how far the coachee is from where they want to be [desired outcome].
  • Know-how - help the coachee explore what they need to achieve their desired outcome, utilising the key skills, knowledge, qualifications, and attributes that are required.
  • Affirm & Action - establish what is currently working well, and explore actions needed to improve the score.
  • Review - discuss actions taken, decide what has improved and what the coachee needs to do next to continue the improvement.

EA Learning Mentoring - is where our practitioner/facilitator advises, acts as a sounding board and shares their own experiences. Mentoring focuses on the development of the person professionally. This involves a long-term, ongoing relationship in order to support, provide a sounding board and guidance to prepare the learner for possible future roles.

The coaching and mentoring process often starts prior to the delivery of training in order to leverage the individual's competencies and the organisational capability.

  • Applied Business Architecture
  • Operating Model Design
  • Customer Centred Service Design
  • Business Process Modelling using BPMN 2.0
  • Coaching Agile Transitions [ICP - CAT]
  • GDPR Action and Implementation
  • TOGAF® [Please note our coaching also focuses on the Architecture Practice, not just TOGAF® frameworks, and their implementation]

These services can be purchased as contract/ scope of work, retainer or as a bulk purchase of time and draw down the units.