TOGAFSep 07, 2021

Implementing enterprise transformation using TOGAF®

For many companies, change is a way of life. In fact, companies need to change to survive. Enterprise transformation deals with the fundamental organisational change that impacts how its core business is conducted. This need for transformation change can be caused by internal or external factors, but the result is a shift in how the organisation relates to its wider economic environment.


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Understanding Stakeholder Concerns

During my most recent Applied Business Architecture course, one of my students asked for a sentence definition of the responsibilities of a Business Architect.  While the concept of business architecture is part of the overall enterprise architecture, a Business Architect’s emphasis…

Mark Edmead

Jun 03, 2021

FAQ's: The Virtual Classroom

Demand for Virtual Classroom courses has sky-rocketed in the past 12 months due to the Coronavirus, but what are they exactly? We have compiled a list of questions that we are commonly asked as people explore their options to advance their career during the pandemic by expanding their skill set.

EA Learning

Jan 28, 2021

Why is the GDPR important for Australian business?

We’re based in Australia so why should we worry about European law?

Alan Simmonds

Oct 22, 2019

Investing in Culture Key to AI and Data transformation success

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and it will change every aspect of our working lives. There is now a new era of doing business which relies on data, where data-driven decisions result in better business outcomes.…

Nigel Schmalkuche

Aug 23, 2019

Success factors for great employee experience design

Most of my design experience has been in service experience design for public services or internal employee experience. The similarity with these cohorts is their drive to achieve an outcome - they both usually need to deliver a service, in a monopolised environment, resulting in a lack of choice, as opposed to market driven consumer behaviour where customer insights are key to understand behavioural…

Michelle Meek

Mar 07, 2019

How TOGAF Standard Version 9.2 differs from TOGAF Standard Version 9.1

TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2 is a great improvement on TOGAF Standard Version 9.1. The materials and flow in the latest release now has a more understandable, direct bearing on architecture practice and architecture consulting in general. The latest release supports the primacy of business thinking in architecture rather than a focus on IT, which was often how enterprise architecture has been seen.

Jim Francis

Apr 19, 2018

How Business Architecture can help Project Managers to be successful.

It was a great catch-all question as the answers provided gave a very good indication of where the candidate sat on the professional continuum for the role in terms of experience, knowledge and competence. It also served as a good way to educate the recruiter on the varied aspects of the role. One of the key insights that I discovered through this practice was how much different professions have evolved over time. No more so than the role of Project Manager.

Scott Comte

Mar 02, 2018

What has a greater impact on Digital Transformation?

Around this time 12 months ago Gartner predicted that half of EA Business Architecture initiatives in 2018 would focus on defining and enabling Digital Platform Strategies. While there hasn’t been follow up research to prove whether this prediction has come true, anecdotal evidence would suggest that the real situation is pretty close.

Scott Comte

Feb 14, 2018

Business Architecture White Paper Nothing Less Than Success

This whitepaper demonstrates how Business Architecture is being applied across industries and markets. It examines the benefits being realised by organisations who design their target state based on strategic business models that enable the business to execute on its strategy. It takes a look at a number of organisations who have used business architecture tools and techniques to tackle a number of the common business challenges that many businesses are facing around the world.

EA Learning

Feb 13, 2018

Does Agile need Architecture to be successful?

On a recent Agile training course, the instructor opened the session by saying “Agile without a plan is just chaos!” I would like to propose that Agile without effective Architecture will eventually lead to chaos, particularly if organisations try to scale their Agile practices without some form of guiding framework.

Scott Comte

Jan 25, 2018