Design Thinking in Business

Challenge conventional ways of thinking to help you develop new mental models and thought processes to become a more effective and efficient innovator and problem solver. Design Thinking in Business is a course ran exclusively for private training, it is not currently available for public registrations.

Benefits of attending this course:

  • Develop a human-centric approach to problem solving. It allows the development of solutions to ‘wicked problems’. These are problems that are not clearly defined and consequently the solution is often not known.
  • The unique element of the course is that it helps define the type of problems that are best addressed by the application of Design Thinking as well as how to implement the solution into the business architecture of an organisation.

5 Days

Delivery Method:



Informal Certificate





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Innovation and creativity have never been more vital to business, the ability to take new perspectives when it comes to problem solving is a sought after skill. Organisations need new solutions to improve their speed to market, but how do you know which great idea is going to work without going through three years of development and using up large amounts of budget and resources in the process?

Organisations need a tool to equip their teams of business analysts, architects, product owners and project managers with that will deliver more creative solutions in shorter turnaround times, from the perspective of their customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

“Design Thinking in Business” is a Design Thinking course that introduces individuals and teams to design tools that will help them be more human-centred in their approach to problem solving. Attendees learn design tools used in launching new products and services to market, along with how to leverage these tools to support strategic planning, business analysis, architecture and agile delivery.

Learning Outcomes

Within this course, attendees will learn how to successfully:

Who Should Attend