TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture: Foundation – eLearning

Key Features

  • TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition
  • Fully accredited
  • Exam voucher included
  • Course duration: 10+ hours
  • Access period: 6 months
  • Tutor support
  • Quizzes & Practice exams
  • Mobile compatible

Learn the TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition to develop transformative enterprises that are purpose driven, people led, adaptive and resilient! Propel your career with the next-generation skills for Enterprise Architecture (EA) including Agile Architecture, The Digital Enterprise and Design Thinking.

Class Duration: 10+ Hours - 6 Months Access
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Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)

TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture: Foundation – eLearning

Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)



TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture: Foundation – eLearning

Used globally by leading organisations to maximize efficiency, the TOGAF® standard enables practitioners to design, evaluate and build the right Enterprise Architectures.

This course is based on the newest version of the TOGAF standard, the TOGAF Standard 10th edition.

Increase your visibility and status within the architecture community with this interactive, self-paced online training course.

This TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture: Foundation course explores the core concepts and principles of the TOGAF standard, diving deep into the phases of the Architecture Development Method (ADM) which sits at the heart of the framework. Any individual or organisation with an aspiration to implement industry-leading Enterprise Architecture practices should have a solid understanding of the TOGAF® Standard.

This fully-accredited online course offers a range of self-paced micro-learning videos, formative quizzes and revision activities. The practice exams and other training resources are designed to ensure learners pass the TOGAF® Foundation exam on their first attempt – and feel confident in the practical application of their new knowledge.

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Anyone looking for an introduction to the TOGAF® Standard, 10th edition or the new TOGAF Enterprise Architecture certification scheme
  • Professionals working in architectural roles who want to achieve a globally recognized qualification
  • Enterprise architects looking to contribute to or lead a team engaged in Enterprise Architecture activities
  • Prospective Enterprise Architects wishing to gain a full TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture certification
  • Anyone seeking to sit and pass the official TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Part 1 exam on their first attempt

Why should you take this course?

  • The course is self-paced, so students can structure learning around their own schedules
  • Content is divided into easily digestible videos
  • Consistent review of topics covered in Comprehension Check questions
  • Two practice exams and regular knowledge checks help students prepare for the certification exam
  • Successful students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the core TOGAF Enterprise Architecture principles and concepts. This will help them contribute to and support EA teams
  • Passing the Foundation (Part 1) exam allows students to move on to the Practitioner (Part 2) examination
  • Worried about TOGAF certification costs? This course comes with a FREE exam voucher and a FREE resit (T&Cs apply).
  • The course is fully accredited by The Open Group

TOGAF® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.
TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture: Foundation delivered by Good e-learning is a course accredited by The Open Group. EA Learning promotes this course for Good e-Learning

Module 0: Welcome to TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Foundation
Module zero introduces you to the course main features, learning plan, aims and objectives, and structure. It also offers a course guide, diagram packs, a further reading and links document and links to download essential copies of the framework publications.

Module 1: Concepts
Module one answers several fundamental questions, such as “What is an enterprise?”, “Why is an Enterprise Architecture needed?” and “Why use the TOGAF Standard as a framework for Enterprise Architecture?” The module also introduces the core concepts of the TOGAF Standard, including an initial outline of the Architecture Development Method (ADM), the Enterprise Continuum, Architecture Repository, Content Framework, Enterprise Metamodel and Enterprise Capability.

Module 2: Introduction to the ADM
Module two explains the basic structure of the ADM and explores the governance and scoping of Enterprise Architecture.

Module 3: Phases of the ADM
Module 3 outlines the purpose and objectives of each of the phases of the ADM: the Preliminary Phase and Phases A-H. It also explains Requirements Management and architecture in an Agile Enterprise.

Module 4: Introduction to ADM techniques
Module 4 introduces the ADM supporting guidelines and techniques. It outlines the purpose of Architecture Principles and what makes a good Architecture Principle. It goes on to explain business scenarios, interoperability, the Business Transformation Readiness Assessment and risk management.

Module 5: Introduction to applying the ADM
Module 5 explains where to find detailed guidance on applying the TOGAF Standard, how to apply iteration to the ADM, the Architecture Landscape, Architecture Partitioning and the purposes of EA Capability. The module concludes with an explanation of how the TOGAF Standard supports the digital enterprise.

Module 6: Introduction to Architecture Governance
Module 6 explains the concept of Architecture Governance, focusing first on its nature and characteristics. It then describes the role and responsibilities of an Architecture Board along with the role of Architecture Contracts and Architecture Compliance.

Module 7: Architecture content
Module 7 focuses on Architecture content — the outputs produced while executing the ADM. It begins by defining key concepts of Architectural Artifacts, what building blocks are and their use in the ADM. It then describes the TOGAF Standard deliverables created and consumed in different ADM phases.

Module 8: The practice exams
There are two practice exams. One has been provided by The Open Group. The other has been created by Good e-Learning.

Module 9: TOGAF Enterprise Architecture: Foundation wrap-up
Module 9 provides information on booking the exam and other courses of interest.

The TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture: Foundation course covers:

  • The concepts of Enterprise Architecture and the TOGAF Standard
  • The key terminology of the TOGAF Standard
  • The Architecture Development Method (ADM) cycle and the objectives of each phase, and how to adapt and scope the ADM for use
  • The techniques available to support application of the ADM
  • Applying the ADM, including use of iteration, partitioning and application in a Digital enterprise
  • How Architecture Governance contributes to architecture development
  • Architecture content — the outputs produced while executing the ADM

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