Neville has had a 30 year career spanning banking, finance and telecommunications sectors in inhouse and external professional services, and training roles. He is an experienced technology business partner who has recently focused on capability uplift in the delivery of Technology Efficiency, Quality, and Service.

Neville has honed his facilitation, and communication skills to ensure pragmatic strategic change is effected in a consultative environment with minimal disruption and maximum impact. A strong believer of the path from sustainable improvement towards excellence, his personal style empowers people with ownership for success to ensure the right methodology is applied to deliver the right outcomes

Neville holds a Masters of Science (Networking).  However, it is his other certifications that have empowered his love of learning and the ability to make real advances in Technology Efficiency, Quality, and Service.  These include Kaizen Business Excellence Assessor, Six Sigman Green Belt, Kepner Tregoe PDSM Program Leader in critical thinking processes, Systemic Training, ITIL, Negotiation, and Influencing.

Neville delivers his training through the systemic process of breaking a skill down into individual components for students and identifying the appropriate teaching method or prompting strategy that allows students to fully comprehend instruction about a new skill or learning objective.  The magic of learning is where the rubber hits the road leveraging workshop and classroom training through coaching plus mentoring to transfer skills, knowledge, and attitude into the work practice.