TOGAF Business Benefits

The TOGAF® framework provides a range of benefits to organisations. Depending on the function of the role in the organsiation, the benefits from adopting the TOGAF method will vary.
The below information outlines the typical linear benefits that can be expected from TOGAF for different functions in the organisation.

The Executive Management & Board Members:

  • A methodology and set of templates that can help establish a robust enterprise architecture in a short time frame.

The Business User:

  • Identify between business planning and change processes and the Phases defined in the Architecture Development Method (ADM).
  • Improve (business) capabilities, through the emphasis in TOGAF® on Capability- Based Planning.
  • By leveraging the flow of the ADM, IT change will be better aligned to business needs resulting in better returns on business investments.
  • TOGAF® facilitates the use of new techniques, such as Business Scenario Planning and Business Transformation.

The Business Managers:

  • Improved strategy and investment planning processes through application of the early Phases of the ADM.
  • Templates for architecture governance and practice.

The Human Resource Department:

  • Provides certification of enterprise architects, which gives a benchmark for assessing job applicants intellectual development etc.
  • Checklists of skills in the Skills Framework.

The IT Department:

  • Understanding of how to integrate architecture development with (IT) strategy planning, business strategies, solution design, IT development, implementations and programme / project management through use of the ADM.
  • Integrating architecture governance with IT governance (government framework in TOGAF®).
  • The reference models provide a contextual basis for structuring and populating an enterprise-specific model.
  • Numerous checklist to support IT governance in general, and architecture governance.
  • Techniques and artefacts that can be adapted to meet IT and architecture needs.

The Enterprise Architecture Function:

  • A common starting point for establishing an EA practice.
  • A benchmark that can be applied to applicants for roles in the EA organization
  • Guidelines for establishing and running an EA practice – including the core EA team and governance processes.
  • Guidelines for the core operational process of developing architectures (ADM), as well as guidelines and techniques that can support this process.
  • Materials that can be tailored to meet the exact needs of the enterprise.
  • Various frameworks (Skills, Governance, Content, Process, etc.) that can be tailored to meet the exact needs of the enterprise.
  • Reference Models that can be used as the basis for enterprise-specific models, or as a foundational structure that encompasses enterprise-specific models.
  • Templates for artifacts and deliverables.
  • A template for a content framework and metamodel.
  • Guidelines for assessing the maturity of an enterprise, an EA team, or a capability.
  • Additional guidelines for Security Architects and Service Oriented Architectures.

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