Introducing two new Agile courses

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Agility is necessary in today’s business environment because of the level of disruption and flood of innovation happening around us.

EA Learning, the market leader in Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture and Business Transformation training, is excited to announce the introduction of two new Agile courses that focus on the Agile Manifestro so that individual professionals and organisations can deliver solutions faster, cheaper, and better than before.

Introducing Agile Fundamentals and Agile Project Management.

Agile’s emergence as a movement has largely been driven by the need to adapt to today’s fast-changing and customer-driven environment. Agile is a mindset and approach that adopts tools and techniques that assist in developing better products and delving better outcomes for organisations. It does this by meeting customer needs through the early and continuous delivery of valuable solutions. Because of this, it’s considered by many organisations as the way of the future, and it’s rapidly changing industries across the board.

Agility is necessary in today’s business environment because of the level of disruption and flood of innovation happening around us.  Yesterday’s solutions won’t fix tomorrow’s problems.  Organisations need to build adaptive, learning, evolving, joyful and productive workplaces using modern management thinking, architecture and project management practices suited to the creative knowledge-worker economy of today.

The underlying approach in EA Learning’s Agile courses can be adapted to different methodologies and organisations. They are not about adherence to any specific set of practices or frameworks, but rather they are focused on equipping professionals to more effectively deliver outcomes. “We believe that for organisations and individual professionals to be successful they need to develop the capability to execute the business transformation journey effectively,” says Scott Comte, General Manager of EA Learning. In many organisations there is still a disconnect between organisational strategy and execution with most organisations not having in place an integrated set of structured methods, tools, techniques and skills to achieve the required business transformation to maintain their competitiveness in today’s fast-paced environment.

The addition of two Agile courses to the suite of specialist courses delivered by EA Learning will support the execution phase of the business transformation journey.

EA Learning’s two new Agile courses include an Agile Fundamentals 3-day course that delves into the specific practices used on Agile projects, explains the theory and concepts behind the Agile approach, and prepares you to work confidently and effectively in an Agile environment. The second course, Agile Project Management, is focused around improving the success rate of your projects and will helping you learn the skills, techniques and mindset needed to manage projects using an Agile approach. Both Agile courses are ICAgile and Project Management Institute (PMI) accredited and have a strong practical component that will provide attendees with a toolkit of skills that is up-to-date, relevant and in-demand with our wide range of public courses.

For more information about EA Learning’s Agile courses, please contact us via the below form or visit the Agile Fundamentals website page here or the Agile Project Management website page here