TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture

What is TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture?

TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture is the global standard for Enterprise Architecture. The TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture framework enables organisations to effectively address critical business needs by:

  • Ensuring that everyone speaks the same language
  • Avoiding lock-in to proprietary solutions by standardizing on open methods for Enterprise Architecture
  • Saving time and money, and utilise resources more effectively
  • Achieving demonstrable ROI

Why do you need TOGAF® as a framework for enterprise architecture?

  • TOGAF® has been developed through the collaborative efforts of over 300 Architecture Forum member companies from some of the world’s leading companies and organisations. Using TOGAF® results in enterprise architecture that is consistent, reflects the needs of stakeholders, employs best practice, and gives due consideration both to current requirements and the perceived future needs of the business.
  • Developing and sustaining an enterprise architecture is a technically complex process which involves many stakeholders and decision processes in the organisation. TOGAF® plays an important role in standardizing and de-risks the architecture development process. TOGAF® provides a best practice framework for adding value, and enables the organisation to build workable and economic solutions which address their business issues and needs.

How do I become TOGAF® Certified?

The TOGAF® 9 Certified qualification is achieved through passing two exams, following a course of self-study or attendance at an Accredited Training Course. The best way to pass the TOGAF® exams is to attend a TOGAF® classroom training course.

Why attend an Accredited TOGAF® architecture training course?

Achieving the certified TOGAF® status demonstrates that you possess the required knowledge to apply the concepts of TOGAF® to an enterprise architecture and technology environment. The Enterprise Architecture TOGAF® course is fully accredited with The Open Group. Attending a classroom training course is the most effective way to absorb the TOGAF material and increase your chances of passing the TOGAF® architecture exam.

What are the key benefits of this Enterprise Architecture TOGAF® certification?

TOGAF® certified Enterprise Architects can experience elevated job prospects, career opportunities, and industry credibility, as a result of their enhanced certified knowledge. Other benefits are that TOGAF® courses allow candidates to understand and initiate information system projects that are repetitive and fit for purpose. Also, TOGAF® training allows individuals to converse using a common terminology-based language – reducing conflict and elevating productivity.

Feedback from past TOGAF attendees:

“For passing the TOGAF exam this course is definitely a must do as the practical scenarios laid out in the class makes it easy to do the scenarios in the exam.” – Enterprise Architect

“Attending this course saved me about six months of study. This course is a faster and more effective mechanism to absorb the material than self study alone.” – Major Telco; Senior IT Business Analyst

“Fantastic experience from beginning to end. The instructor’s knowledge and anecdotes helped take the course to another level. I now feel prepared to undertake the TOGAF exams.” – Solution Architect