What is TOGAF®?

In this article, we address the common questions of what is TOGAF® and what are the TOGAF Architecture principles and look at the benefits of TOGAF training with EA Learning.


What is TOGAF?

TOGAF® 9.2 is a globally used standard for Enterprise Architecture. TOGAF is a framework for enterprise architecture that provides an approach for designing, planning, implementing and governing an enterprise architecture. TOGAF 9.2 certification is a trusted and vendor-neutral certification which ensures enterprise architecture professionals share the same standards across the world.


What are the TOGAF Architecture Principles?

The TOGAF Architecture principles provide a foundation for achieving strategic outcomes as they establish a set of rules to govern the behaviours and architectural decisions for an organisation. The TOGAF Architecture Principles are based on addressing the important metrics of getting tangible business benefits, obtaining maximum ROI on technology investments and on maximising the cost-efficiency of operations.


TOGAF Summary of learning outcomes:

Attendees of our TOGAF 9 course will gain an understanding of:


TOGAF overview of training with EA Learning

When you train with EA Learning, you will be taught by a certified TOGAF® instructor who has extensive experience as a practicing architect. They will guide you through the TOGAF® 9.1 specification and provide insights from their experience in the industry along the way.


Our TOGAF Training course will provide you with the knowledge to sit the TOGAF exam and achieve TOGAF Certification under the certification program established by The Open Group. This course not only covers what TOGAF is, it also provides you with the knowledge and understanding of the framework which you can then look to take back to your organisation to start to apply the TOGAF concepts and methods.


Feedback from past TOGAF Training attendees:

"Attending the course is a faster and more effective mechanism to absorb the material than self-study alone. Worthwhile to attend to hear real-world scenarios." - Senior IT Business Analyst

"This was an excellent course with continuous 'real world' application of the framework.   The facilitator was excellent at assisting us in applying / tailoring TOGAF to our individual organisations." - Senior Business Consultant

With a TOGAF exam pass rate of over 90%, EA Learning are the leading TOGAF training provider.

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