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Is your organisation looking for ways to optimise its business performance in a rapidly changing environment?

In this article, we take a detailed look at how our Applied Business Architecture course can help improve business performance and align capabilities with business goals in a rapidly changing environment.

Danny Graham

Aug 21, 2017

Design Thinking in Business now available as a public course in Australia

Due to demand, our Design Thinking in Business course will now be available as a public course in Australia, with the first course scheduled to run in Melbourne.

EA Learning

Jul 25, 2017

How great leaders build winning Operating Models: Eddie Jones in action

Guest Article from Julie Choo, Applied Operating Model Design course author and founder of Stratability. This insightful article from Julie looks at what you can learn from other Operating Models in different industries.

Julie Choo

Jul 17, 2017

Design Thinking in Business now available as a public course in the United Kingdom

Due to demand, our Design Thinking in Business course will now be available as a public course over in the United Kingdom.

Our Design Thinking in Business course pulls…

EA Learning

Jul 04, 2017

Your thinking is old and dated, but you don’t think so

Guest Article from Craig Martin, Founder and Director at DesignChain & TribalMind. Re-inventing yourself starts with changing your mindset, but where to start? Is there a technique we can use to help reshape old habits and mental patterns in order to become more innovative and creative in our workplaces?

Craig Martin

Jun 19, 2017

Winning Big... or Failing Fast - Both positive outcomes

Whilst on my morning commute to the office the other day I was doing my usual scroll through my various media feeds and came across one of the most interesting articles I have come across this year from the HBR. It was pretty heavy going, especially before I’d had my morning dose of caffeine and for someone without any formal background in finance and economics, but there was some really powerful messages in the article, many of which are inherently linked to the challenges that disciplines such as Design Thinking and Human-centred design are trying to tackle.

Danny Graham

Jun 01, 2017

How to Design a Target Operating Model – Part 2

In my last article, I talked about some of the key aspects you must consider when defining a target operating model. In this follow up piece I have delved a little deeper and will look at how TOM initiatives can vary across different types of businesses; from large corporates to start-ups and government organisations.

Julie Choo

May 01, 2017

Designing an Agile Organisation

Some of you might remember Peter Senge’s great piece of work on the Fifth Discipline. It was one of the published works that first introduced me to systems thinking. One of the key topics from this piece of work was around complexity and how to deal with it. Dealing with complexity requires a shift in your mental model. A move away from concrete analytical thinking that is quite linear in nature, to more intuitive and abstract thinking that is more multi-dimensional in nature.

Craig Martin

Apr 11, 2017

How to design a Target Operating Model that delivers tangible outcomes

The term Target Operating Model (or TOM) has been used a lot in many of the organisations that I have worked for all around the world over the years. Many 100s of millions of dollars in business change budget has been invested in these projects along with many 1000s of people, man hours and resources. Having been involved in numerous initiatives, I’ve seen all manner of possible outcomes. Some have succeeded in delivering very beneficial outcomes for their organisations. Some have failed to deliver anything.

Julie Choo

Mar 29, 2017

EA Learning Launches new Operating Model Design course

This week, EA Learning is proud to announce the latest course to be added to our expanded Architecture and Design training curriculum, Applied Operating Model Design. The course is authored by Julie Choo, an experienced Business Architecture practitioner and thought leader who has also delivered our Applied Business Architecture course over the years. Julie has been working on the course for a year or so as part of a book she is writing called the Strategy Journey which looks at the 5 keys stages of strategy development from defining a strategy to executing on that strategy.

Danny Graham

Mar 02, 2017