What is the TOGAF® Architecture Development Method?

An overview of the TOGAF® Architecture Development Method (TOGAF ADM)

The TOGAF® ADM forms the core of TOGAF. It is a reliable, proven method for developing an Enterprise Architecture that meets the business needs of an organisation, utilising the other elements of TOGAF, and other architectural assets available to the organisation.

The TOGAF Architecture Development Method describes the process of moving from the TOGAF Foundation Architecture to an organisation-specific architecture, leveraging the elements of the TOGAF Foundation Architecture and other relevant architectural components and building blocks along the way.

Adapting the ADM

The ADM is a generic method for architecture development, which has been designed to deal with most system and organisational requirements. However, it will often be necessary to modify or extend the ADM to suit specific needs. One of the tasks before applying the ADM to a specific situation will be to review the ADM and tailor it if necessary to the circumstances of the enterprise concerned. This activity may well produce an organisation-specific version of the ADM.

The stages of the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (TOGAF ADM)

The basic structure of the TOGAF ADM is shown in this diagram. Throughout the TOGAF ADM cycle, there needs to be frequent validation of outputs against original expectations, both those from the whole TOGAF ADM cycle, and those from the particular phases of the method.

Though the TOGAF ADM diagram has 10 stages, it is essentially a 4 step process:

  1. Tailor TOGAF to suit your needs: This is a one-time activity to be done before you start adopting TOGAF for your organisation.
  2. Define scope of work and prepare for rollout: This activity is made of 6 distinct steps, all of which are covered in our TOGAF training course.
  3. Oversee architecture development and implementation: How the actual architecture development and implementation is done within the scope of TOGAF.
  4. Manage post-implementation change: Any major change can trigger off another cycle of the ADM.

The TOGAF ADM is covered in detail during our globally renowned TOGAF 9.1 Certification training course. For more information on the TOGAF ADM, please contact us.