AgileSHIFT and Scrum Fundamentals

With technology, communication, and client expectations evolving constantly in the current digital age, enterprise agility has become essential not only in terms of competitiveness but also for survival. 

Agile and scrum fundamentals are essential business skills that can help your organisation work more effectively. At EA Learning, our expert team teaches the key elements of agile project management to help you apply these new skills. Start by learning more about agile scrum fundamentals:


Fundamentals of Agile Project Management

What’s agile, and who are these skills useful for?

Agile is a working method that started in the IT sector, but has since moved across the business world as an effective way to flexibly and quickly get results. The central fundamentals of agile project management includes the following:

These skills are useful for team members throughout a business, but business architects are in a great position to champion this way of working.

Agile has been around for some time with many organisations asking the following questions


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