Design Thinking in Business now available as a public course in the United Kingdom

Due to demand, our Design Thinking in Business course will now be available as a public course over in the United Kingdom.

Our Design Thinking in Business course pulls together the disciplines of Architecture, Agile and Design into a coherent approach to complex problem solving. It provides you with a relevant, practical and highly insightful learning experience in the discipline of Design Thinking.

In this course, you will learn how to challenge conventional ways of thinking to help you develop new mental models and thought processes to become a more effective and efficient innovator and problem solver.

The difference between our globally renowned Design Thinking in Business course and the other Design Thinking courses in the market place, is the linkage of the Design tools and techniques down into the Business Architecture and Business/Strategic Planning and Agile Delivery disciplines.

The course is authored by Craig Martin, a leading business architecture practitioner and industry recognised thought leader. Craig is the Founder and Director at DesignChain and TribalMind.

Our first public Design Thinking in Business course in the United Kingdom is scheduled to run on the 9th of October. Click here to enquire.